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About Traveling Jess


Mid-life travel can be…challenging.  You’ve got bills to pay, and don’t want to waste your money, but on the other hand, you’re not as into hostel dorms as you once were.  Maybe you’re watching your vacation days like a hawk, or you can’t get your holidays when the kids are out of school.  You start planning a trip, then discover your in-laws want to tag along.  You want to travel at Christmas, but the kennels are all booked up, and nobody’s willing to watch the family pet.  Ugh.


You finally figure all that out, and start booking planes and hotels and tours, but then the questions start – do we need to bring the car seats?  Will my kids find anything they like to eat in Mexico?  How many diapers should I pack?  Does this hotel have too many stairs for Mom?  It’s complicated.  I get it.


Traveling Jess is a blog by a mom who travels, for moms who travel.  I write about my own experiences (good and not so good), and my own travels, whether I am flying solo, roaming with my husband, Trevor, and our kids, or planning big multi-generational trips with our parents and extended families.  From advice on whether to pack your car seats, to funny travel anecdotes, I explore the ins and outs of travel from a variety of perspectives.


At Traveling Jess, you will find honest reviews and detailed advice, as well as discussions of destinations that include information about accessibility for seniors and suitability for children.  Sponsored content and affiliate links are always clearly marked, and I will never recommend something I have not tried and loved, myself.


About Jess


My first travel experiences were road trips and camping with my family, which sparked a life-long urge to explore, whether I’m checking out local attractions or roaming abroad.  At 17, a friend and I took an epic road trip across the north-western United States, and at 28, I got my first taste of inter-continental travel, to Istanbul, Turkey.  I had such an amazing time that I took the next year off work to travel, and wandered, solo, around the United Kingdom, Europe, and North Africa before coming home and backpacking around Canada.


About Traveling Jess


Not long after coming home, I met Trevor.  We knew we were meant to be when we still liked each other at 5am, halfway up a mountain hike in Guatemala, without coffee or a proper breakfast.  We really do make a great team on the road.  Two kids later, we’re still traveling and loving it, though things are definitely more complicated than they were when we were traveling solo or as a couple.


About Traveling Jess


I love to write, and photography has been a lifelong hobby, blogging seemed like the natural next step.  I hope I can give you some practical advice and a dose of inspiration pack up and set off an an adventure of your own!


Happy Travels!